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Corona Virus Outbreak: Direct Updates

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to issue an executive order stating that the health department will integrate all labs to speed up quo-19 tests. Getty Images
The outbreak originated in China, which is still growing.
This disease is called COVID-19. It is caused by infection with the new corona virus, SARS-Ko-2, which is one of the many corona viruses that can spread to humans.
Other examples of corona viruses include SARS, MERS, and even the common cold.
Covid-19 Cases
Globally, over 23 million confirmed cases have been reported in 19 cases and more than 158,000 deaths.
The United States currently has the highest number of COVID-19 cases, more than 718,000. However, due to unchecked, the number of actual events can be much higher.
The disease has killed more than 37,000 people in the United States.
700,000 broken in US affairs, National Guard responds to outbreak of Illinois
Coded 19 certified US cases have grown to more than 718,000, with more than 37,000 casualties. According to recent data from Johns Hopkins University, there have been more than 23 million illnesses worldwide, with more than 153,000 deaths.

In response to the new Corona virus outbreak in Chicago's southwest suburbs, the Illinois National Guard is temporarily taking steps to provide much-needed help, according to WGN9 News. These issues were confirmed at the state-run Lidman Development Center, which looks after adults with developmental conditions. Thirty-three residents and 28 employees tested positive, three of whom died.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking decisive action to increase COVID-19 testing capability in an effort to bring citizens of the state back to work.

"As we work over the next several months to keep New York, testing and detection will be on our list of guidelines." No state is currently eligible for large-scale COVID testing, Cuomo said in a statement. What I need. "I'm going to issue an executive order stating that the health department will integrate all these labs so that we can advance the testing and get more people back to work."

In Japan, the island nation is struggling to control COVID-19 and the number of hospitals is increasing after its emergency medical system is destroyed. According to a report from the Associated Press (AP), the Japanese Department of Health has confirmed that many hospital emergency rooms are refusing treatment for people, including stroke, heart attack and external injuries. ۔

"We can no longer take ordinary emergency medicine," Takashi Shimazu, an emergency doctor at Osaka University, told the AP.

Can dogs smell quad-19?

Researchers want to know if dogs can help detect cases of Quotient 19, even in people who do not have symptoms.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is mobilizing a study where they will find that dogs can identify people with the disease. Researchers at Durham University in the United States are also working on this research.

This idea may seem far-fetched, but researchers have found that dogs can detect other diseases, such as malaria and even cancer.

"The early days of detecting the scent of COVID-19 are unknown. We do not know that Covid 19 has a specific odor yet, but we do know that other respiratory diseases change our body odor so it is likely to exist. And if that happens, the dogs will be able to detect it, "Professor James Logan, head of the field of disease control at LSTHM, said in a statement.

Researchers are working closely with medical detection dogs to help identify if dogs are an effective means of removing the virus.

Healthcare workers tap photos of themselves on their PPE to reassure patients.
To protect yourself from COVID-19, health care workers have to wear protective clothing that covers almost their entire face. This may be the safest option, but it may result in patients feeling unable to contact their care team.

To combat this separation between the medical staff and the patient, respiratory therapist Roberto Rodrigo taped a picture on his personal protective gear.

"A satisfying smile makes a lot of difference," he wrote on Instagram. "Today I've made a great laminate badge for my PPE. So my patients can see the casual smile.

Studies show 44% of secondary COVID cases can occur in people without symptoms
44% of secondary COVIDs can occur in people without 19 symptoms, according to a new study in the medical journal Nature Medicine Trusted Source.

A study of 94 virus-infected patients in China showed that the virus spread even before many people had symptoms. This does not mean that they never had CoVID-19 symptoms, but that it was several days before their symptoms appeared.

When researchers examined how these people spread the virus, they found that 44% of those who subsequently developed the disease had acquired it before they even showed the person's symptoms.

New York mandate faces mask, LA mayor says no sports events until 2021
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said April 15 that when New Yorkers are in areas where they cannot practice safe physical distance, face masks will be mandatory.

In areas such as subway trains or platforms, New Yorkers will need to cover some sort of face to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading, Cuomo said.

The state is infected with more than 10,000 deaths related to the disease.

More than 2 million people code 19
According to Johns Hopkins data, quad-19 was first identified in China and less than 6 months after its report, 2 million people have been infected.

In recent months, cases of quotid 19 have been reported in China in Italy, Spain and the United States, with a number of eclipse attacks.

With more and more people living permanently at the height of the virus, medical helpers are forced to seek out effective and effective ways to cure the disease.

In New York, the top 10 deaths of U.S. citizens increased
According to the Washington Post, on Tuesday, April 14, the death toll on Quaid-19 was recorded in the record, 2 attacks 070 deaths in 24 hours. The United States has the highest daily cocktail rate since the outbreak.

The United States currently has the highest number of CoVID-19 deaths globally.

In addition, New York, which is the epicenter of the spread of Quad 19 in the country, reached more than 10,000 deaths.

New York tourist Andrew Como died December 14 of 778 New Yorkers, but was admitted to the hospital and admissions are still low, which is estimated. The state is on the rise.

"You have seen something and know the number of lives, it is basically flat on one level ... but it is unknown," Cuomo said.

There are more than 9,000 health care workers in the United States
Quoi-19s are facing difficulties for healthcare, and thousands of people suffer from the disease and some live in it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCC) released a report Trusted Source April 14 that said 9 health care workers have been arrested and the virus has spread. ۔ Quid 19.

Like the CDC, health-care children have events in Code 19, while the original symptom is very much a symptom and people did not experience it.

About 8 to 10 percent of people enter it. The average age affected is 42 years and over 70%.

Like others with CoVID-19, elderly health workers and those with basic conditions were at higher risk of dying from the disease, but the CDC was told that other age groups are at risk. ۔

California, Washington and Oregon have announced plans to reconnect economies.
Protesters from the three western states announced they would work together when they banned the transportation and movement of residents between U-19s.

The Washington administration's JJ Annelly, California's Goodwin News and Oregon Administration Catalog have announced that the economy is about to reopen and not open to public places whose plans will be in harmony.

There is no timetable for this when it comes to the whereabouts of the resident clients, and attendees at hospitals in New York, Michigan, and other states in these three states are having difficulty dealing with the cases. Lets face this fact 19 cuts include the first states in California and Washington.

The government is jointly speaking on the joint statement, "We announce that California, Oregon, and Washington want to reopen their economies. And restarting the business is a clear indication."

In addition, protesters from six states on the East Coast announced that they would form a link to discuss the economy again.

Guardians from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island said they would develop a panel that spoke about working together with healthcare professionals, economists and their staff. ۔ When to Reopen Business Save And stay at home with orders.

Emergency permissions are being given to the FDD N95 mask
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows a company to use emergency services, allowing health care workers' residences to be compared to N95 masks.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen M. Hahn said, "Health care workers in this nation are among the many heroes of the epidemic, and they are increasing the availability of medical devices in need of 95 medical supplies. - Every effort is needed, "the statement

Advance Sterilization Products, Inc. Coat, is now allowed to use Van Viper's hydrogen peroxide gas plasma prescription to prevent the mask of the N95 eagle.

This is another company to get emergency permission.

Quaid is healthier for 95 people treating people with 19 treatments, with fewer available. The new Emergency Use Facility is designed to help protect healthcare workers who are forced to ration or reuse masks.

Corona Virus Updates
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