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New Zealand Has Only 20 COVID-19 Deaths. Vietnam Has Zero. How They Succeeded

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Experts attribute the low COVID-19 mortality rate in South and Africa, New Zealand and Vietnam to prompt and decisive action. Fill out Megacou / AFP with Getty Images
COVID-19 has reported zero deaths in Vietnam so far, while New Zealand has reported only 20 deaths and South Africa only 148.critical health news
Experts say the three countries took swift, swift and decisive action, including nationwide lockdowns and tracking of contacts.

South Africa used its experience with the HIV epidemic, smartwatch  and Vietnam relied on its experience with the stork epidemic. 
There are more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States. That's one-third of the world tomorrow.

COVID-19 has dropped to less than 70,000 deaths in the country. Which represents more than a quarter of all deaths worldwide.

However, experts say that lessons from other parts of the world suggest that this number should not be so high.

For example, in Vietnam, a country with a population of 92 million, which borders China, where the epidemic began, there were only 271 confirmed cases of covid 19 and zero deaths as of May 5.

The disease caused 7,572 cases and 148 deaths in South Africa.

There were 1,486 incidents and 20 deaths in New Zealand.

Experts say we can learn from countries that have successfully strengthened or completely eliminated their curves to combat the epidemic.
Common topics
A common thread between these countries is the pace at which they expressed the threat of epidemics.

In New Zealand, the first case of Covid 19 came to light on 28 February.critical health news  As of March 21, the country had developed a four-tier warning system to coordinate resources and citizen response. The country was at full level by March 25.

In South Africa, where the first confirmed case was on March 5, a state of emergency was declared until March 15 and the country was locked down by March 23.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the first COVID-19 incidents occurred on January 23, when the country closed its borders and tightened visa restrictions until February 1.

"These three countries have integrated, nationwide, centralized planning as well as domestic and international travel restrictions," said Dr. Stephen Berger, a certified specialist in the Double Board of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology and founder of GLOD Infections Jeddah. Said Disease and Infectious Diseases Online Network.

In addition, Berger told Healthline that "both Vietnam and South Africa are strictly enforcing their chosen policies, with the involvement of the police and the military. New Zealand and South Africa have consistently used nationwide lockdowns." What is it.

This is in conflict with the United States, which first saw its case in a trust source in early January and imposed some travel restrictions until February 1.

The United States did not declare a state of national emergency until March 13, nor did it declare any kind of nationwide lockdown, which led individual states to develop a patch of policies containing COVID-19. go by..

The success of Vietnam, South Africa and New Zealand comes from the bottom, says critical health news Dr. Dan B. Fagby, an Obama administration emergency response physician and former biodegradable public health adviser.

"Apart from the transparent and open discussion of the threat, the extraordinary leadership of our citizens and the global procurement - that is, the communication of the crisis [made a difference]," Fugby told the Health Line. ۔

They responded to the threat with great tact and decisiveness, aggressively locking their borders and exposing contacts. In short, they initiated basic and important health but aggressive health initiatives.

Different perspectives, similar results
There were some differences between the three countries on how they approached the COVID-19 reduction.

South Africa, for example, was able to use its experience to fight HIV and tuberculosis (TB) - including identifying large numbers of contacts to limit the spread of TB Was - According to a new report, to help train the communication to overcome the new corona virus. Report on National Public Radio (NPR).

The country also launched an aggressive lockdown and mobilized a large number of health workers for testing and screening procedures.

Dr. Robert Glater, an emergency therapist at Lynx Hill Hospital in New York City, said: Was also banned. health belief model" Told the health line.

New Zealand took a similarly tough lockdown approach, initially taking a huge advantage in matters before flattening its curves.

"There are relatively few cases reported in the absolute number (1,476) in New Zealand, but as a small country with a population of 306 per million, this is a global average of 413 per million," said Berger. Not far away, "Berger said.

He said that the number of new cases has dropped dramatically in what has happened, and the number of new cases reported daily from a peak on April 5 to April 12 has dropped by more than 75%. Has happened "he said.

Part of this was due to their geographical isolation, coupled with strict travel restrictions when there were only a handful of issues in the country.

The nation was immediately plunged into a complete lockdown - including the closure of takeaways and restaurants for delivery - as well as exposure to a wide range of contacts that would limit the spread of society. There was an infection to do.

According to the NPR report, Vietnam took a very aggressive approach to controlling COVID-19 due to the experience of the SARS epidemic in 2003.

"Vietnam was the first country outside of China to report COVID-19, and the response was rapid, even before an epidemic response was planned," Glater said.

"Vietnam has also been active in their efforts. From February 1, they launched a series of measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They decided to close all schools a day after the first two incidents were reported in Vietnam - stopping all flights to and from China weight loss before and after- and after the Lunar New Year break.

"A few days after their decision to suspend all flights, Vietnam closed its border with China again for all necessary trade and travel - this is another important step. And in March, they put on a public mask. Declared to wear.

In short, large-scale quarantine of tens of people, he said

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